Cooling system

The cooling system compromises the radiator, water pump, thermostat, hoses, heater core, pipes and engine coolant galleries. All of these items require a clean and correct type of coolant to perform and maintain against corrosion and erosion. If the coolant is not up to standard, major internal corrosion can occur creating an expensive repair. Correct cooling system maintenance is a must, especially in our hot Australian climate.

Our cooling system service includes:

Cooling System
  • Inspect radiator and external hoses
  • Check for leaks and external corrosion
  • Check water pump drive belt
  • Drain cooling system
  • Reverse power flush system
  • Drain and remove all flushing fluid
  • Add correct type coolant
  • Vacuum-fill system and bleed as required
  • Check radiator cap condition and operation
  • Perform dye check on cylinder head gasket if required
  • Run engine to operating temperature
  • Cool, pressure test and re-check for leaks
  • Road test and re-check

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